Franco Zalunardo
My name is Franco Zalunardo, I'm an italian artist. My style is deeply influenced by the venetian art. Venice is near where I live.

Chromatic scale of colors:
Seek the harmony of the colors
The music always has been the other great passion in my life. So many times I asked to myself what music and painting have in common.
Music and painting, like poetry, for me are among the most beautiful art expressions. The musical notes and the colors are two different ways to express feelings, like the words are in poetry.
The harmony of music makes you dream memories and images. The melody touches the heart with great emotional intensity.
Painting can bring to light the beauty of one moment and make it visible forever. It can make visible the light of the human feeling and his thought.

Painting is like a silent poetry, that speaks to the soul through the eyes.

So the colors are like notes written in music sheet that can vibrate the strings of the soul even in silence. When there is harmony in painting, then, it's not only an eternal silence, but will become like a visible "melody" forever. The more important thing in a artwork for me is the authenticity of the feeling.

Franco Zalunardo